Monday, 24 February, 2014

The Krishna Key - A Disappointment

Here's my review of the book.

It wont come as a surprise if I say that I chose to read the book just because it has Krishna in its title! I saw some reviews online and found that people have called it the Indian DaVinci Code..Clearly those were the people paid to write that! 
The book started on a superb note with the characters and plot very similar to DaVinci Code..
But as you read on you realise that in some scene the author himself is confused about which character was in the scenes! *huffs* Random characters appear in chapters they weren't present!
For example: Ram decides to build a bridge. Hanuman and his Vanarsena decide to help build it by liftiing rocks. Ram and sita too join them..
and we go like Hello?! where did Sita come from!? and if sita is with them..why build the bridge?!
The editor needs to get editing lessons..!
If that wasn't stress the importance of a number the author would go to any random instance that might not be relevant. For example: 8 is an important number for hindus..krishna was the 8th avatar of vishnu, an octagon has 8 father has 8 brothers..and those 8 brothers..hold your breath..have 8 wives! :\ And FYI Mr. Sanghi..there weren't 10 but 24 avatars of Vishnu and they certainly werent in the order that it is popularly known! 
I kept reading hoping that the end would justify the means! But it ended up being a cheap imitation of a Paulo Coelho novel.

Mr. Sanghi..I think you should have published this under your Alias Shawn no one would have known this crap was by you!I would have given you more credit if it were a book with fresh ideas and experimental methods! But if you are using the better be good.

The only positive of the book was the narration of the story of Krishna through the english translation of the shlokas!

Overall Rating 1 and half out of 5!   


Gossisippi said...

I agree, the book is very disappointing. Also, it makes no sense.

If there's one thing I have realised (through my own experience, unfortunately) is that Indian authors are just plain BAD. Not average but positively BAD. Ofcourse, the big ones are at a different pseudo-intellectual level rubbish, but these best sellers are just what you get when someone starts trying to expand a college mag short story into 300 pages!

Anyways, good to see you blog :) and just that MY EYES, MY EYES!!! WHY THE PINK OVERLOAD?

Crazy Candy said...

Lol..i wanted some colour to contrast my pink is best! Thats why..and im tired of people thinking i am a dude! :P this helps!

Gossisippi said...

Of course, turning people blind has always been the best way to stop such confusions!

Crazy Candy said...

Hehe..turning people blind stops them from finding other faults :P since u are my only work on the colour scheme!